Ear Piercing | Redding CAEar Piercing | Redding CA

Makyla is certified to do ear piercing on lobes up to flat cartilage with a piercing gun. Having many ear piercings herself, she can help guide you the earrings and placement best suited for you.

All earrings come in sterile packaging and are not opened until the time of piercing. The piercing gun is sterilized both before and after ear piercing, along with other cleaning processes, to ensure a safe procedure and healthy healing process.

There are many earring options for your new piercing, from simple studs to sparkling cubic zirconium, you are sure to find a pair that fits your style. All options are medical grade stainless steel, gold plated, hypoallergenic, and lead-free.

The healing process ranges from six weeks to six months depending on the placement of the piercing and how you react to the piercing. Earrings can always be taken out if you change your mind, but don’t try to re-pierce the still healing holes with a different pair or the pair you got them pierced with, this can lead to infection. After care gel is available for purchase, or you can ask about other care options.