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Anywhere from basic trims to complete cut and color makeovers, the hair stylists at Embellishes can help you reach your vision.

Cutting your hair is an important part of keeping your hair healthy and manageable. Getting rid of just the dead ends, or adding some dramatic layers assists in the longevity and strength of your hair. Keep your hair from splitting up more and get it cut. Haircuts don’t just keep your hair healthy; they add the right shape and style to compliment your hair color.

Highlights, grey coverage, and corrections are just a few of the color services we offer. Everyone is different, so your hair color should represent who you are, and we are happy to assist. Come in with your ideas, or even pictures, and we will guide you to your best options. Our primary goal is to leave your hair with good integrity, so if we feel it is needed, we will ask to do a test strand. Sometimes big changes to your hair have to take place over a few sessions to keep your hair healthy, but we are up for any coloring challenge.

Beach waves to traditional perms, we can add some volume to your hair with a texture service. When making an appointment for a perm, we will ask a series of questions to determine if we can do a perm and what kind of precautions we will need to take for your hair. Getting a perm can be a long process, but it can last anywhere from a month to six months depending on the type of perm and your hair.

We provide styling services for all occasions including prom and other events. Pin-up styling is available for those who want a more retro look. If you are getting family portraits taken, ask about group styling prices. Those looking for make-up services to go with their styling service, ask us about the make-up artists we keep on-hand.

Each hair stylist has different specialty hair treatments they offer like deep conditioning. Talk to your stylist to see what you can add on to your next hair service.