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We have three different types of tanning beds and a red light therapy bed to meet the needs of every tanner, from first timers to more experienced tanners.

Base Beds
These are standard tanning beds that go up to fifteen minutes. Base Beds are good for first time tanners and individuals who are maintaining their tan. If you want to build up a tan or sun tolerance before a trip, plan to spend at least two weeks tanning for noticeable changes.

This is a high pressure bed that goes up to ten minutes because the tanning bulbs are stronger. The stand-up bed is suitable for those who have had experience tanning and are looking to boost an existing tan, along with those who want to jump start their tan. Because the bulbs cover the perimeter of booth, you don’t get tan lines on your side that can sometimes occur with lay down beds.

Leg Tanner
This is a sit up high pressure bed that goes up to ten minutes and focuses on the hardest part of your body to tan, your legs. Whether you want your legs to stand out or make sure they are keeping up with the rest of you, the leg tanner helps you get the results you desire.

Red Light Therapy
Repair your skin using red light therapy to target wrinkles, acne, sore muscles and various skin conditions. Because this isn’t a UV bed, teenagers can use it as well as adults. A warming, soothing feeling helps stimulate collagen cells and kill bacteria that causes acne and other skin disorders.

Tanning Lotions
We have a large selection of tanning lotions for sale to enhance your tanning experience. From bronzers to tinglers, we have something for every need. If there is a certain lotion you are looking for and we don’t have it in stock, we can special order it for you.

Progress Stickers
We provide progress stickers for free if you want to see how your tan is building, or if you want to do it for fun. Using these stickers is an easy way to see how your skin reacts to tanning and what measures you should take to get your desired tan.

We have cubbies available for storing tanning lotions, towels, etc. Because there is a limited supply, those who have had inactive memberships for at least three months will have their lotions moved to create room for others.

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