Waxing 150x150Waxing | Redding CA

You can get smooth skin with our facial and body waxing services done in a private room for a more calming, comfortable experience.

Waxing on a regular basis trains your follicles to stop growing hair over time. After a while, the density at which your hair grows decreases and waxing becomes less painful.

Although waxing is still a temporary form of hair removal, it lasts anywhere from one to six weeks depending on the area waxed and the rate of your hair growth. Because hair is pulled from its base, it takes longer for new hair to be formed and pushed through the surface of skin.

Everyone’s skin is different, so specific precautions are taken to prevent uncertainties. First time clients are asked to fill out an informational form so we know what kind of wax is appropriate for your skin. The person performing the waxing service tests the heat of the wax on themselves before placing it on you to make sure you don’t get burned.